Küçük Baş Hayvan Kırkma ve Tıraş Makinaları

Küçük Baş Hayvan Kırkma ve Tıraş Makinaları

Our store offers over 50,000 various products and we are sure that you won't find any other store that will be able to beat the number and the quality of the premium fishing goods we deliver.

We sincerely hope that you'll enjoy browsing through our website and if you have questions concerning our products, shipping and other details - please feel free to contact our support service and our consultants would love to help you. Fishing is a great kind of activity that requires skills and we are glad to offer you best products that would enhance these skills.

Thanks for choosing us! Our company is a well-known leader of fishing supplies industry because we deliver best fishing tackles since 1975 and we know how to do our business well. We care about our customers and you'll feel you're in the right place the first second after you enter the door of our store.

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Oster Koyun Tıraş Makinası / Oster Shearmaster
Amerikan malı, Oster Shearmaster keçi,koyun hayvan traş makinası hayvancıların, kırkımcıların ve bakıcıların tercih edeceği en büyük yardımcısı olacak sınıfının en kaliteli ve güçlü bir üründür. Oster Shearmaster hayvan traş makinası 220 volt 150 watt ile 3000 devirdir. Oster Shearmaster hayvan traş makinası keçi,koyun traşı için özel tasarlanmıştır.   ..
10.550TL KDV Hariç: 10.550TL